Welcome to the City of Scottsbluff.  Located in the Nebraska panhandle, we are centrally located within Scotts Bluff County.  Scottsbluff is accessible to traffic from Interstate 80 (40 miles south), U.S. Highways 26 and 71, as well as the Western Nebraska Regional Airport.  Scottsbluff population based on the 2010 census is 15,039.  The City shares its borders with the City of Gering and the City of Terrytown for a total population base of just under 24,000 residents.  It is the retail hub of the Nebraska panhandle offering lodging, dining, and shopping.

Scottsbluff operates under the council-manager form of government and employs approximately 140 full-time employees.  The City is served by five council members elected at-large to four-year terms.  The Mayor is selected by his/her colleagues.

City Mission Statement:

“To promote a safe, healthy environment for its citizens, visitors, and business community; by providing essential services and infrastructure as well as opportunities for growth in a fair, fiscally responsible manner”

City Council Goals

Fiscal Health & Economic Vitality

The City will ensure its financial security through the implementation and coordination of sound fiscal policies; carefully balanced land planning reflecting sound land use principles; forward investing in infrastructure development; and a continuous focus on successful economic development programs.  The City will continue to position and proactively participate in sound financial management of taxpayer’s dollars to promote the goals and objectives of the City.

Livable, Sustainable & Safe

The City will support a livable, sustainable and safe community by encouraging community pride and facilitating a high level quality of life for citizens by planning and emphasizing public safety and community wellness through parks and recreation amenities. 

Civic Engagement

The City will foster a participatory environment for the active engagement of residents and community stakeholders by promoting proactive and ongoing communication; promptly responding to citizen concerns; providing opportunities for citizens to utilize their talents and skills to benefit the community; encouraging citizen education and interactions with the City and other organizations in order to foster pride and ownership in the community.  It is the City’s goal to provide excellent services to our community through an open, honest and transparent government.  

Public Services and Infrastructure

The City will provide appropriately designed and well maintained public infrastructure systems.  Additionally, the City will provide public services delivered in a manner to ensure a high quality of life for the residents of Scottsbluff.  Infrastructure and services will be provided in the most cost-effective and efficient manner to meet the needs and expectations of residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders.  These systems and services will be created and implemented through a process of thoughtful prioritization with broad community input.

Revitalization of Business & Residential Districts

The City will continue to realize the vision of revitalizing business and residential districts within the community.  The City will continue to work with public and private partners to create sustainable, vibrant and dynamic land uses, creative open spaces and walkable mixed-use developments that attract a diverse population of residents and visitors.  The City will continue to enhance revitalization efforts of business and residential districts by focusing on the charter project of revitalizing Downtown Scottsbluff and the Downtown Business District.

Community Sustainability

The City will continue to focus on community sustainability.  Community sustainability is a philosophy and a framework for decision-making.  The sustainability process involves examination of the links between economic, social and environmental issues as they relate to basic service provision and new initiatives.  When considered together, resources can be leveraged to make the solutions more cost effective.  Other benefits of considering sustainability from this broader perspective are a healthier community, economy and environment.  In addition, sustainability is the ability of communities to consistently thrive over time as they make decisions to improve the community today without sacrificing the future.


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