Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions


How high can my weeds grow? 

According to Section 12.1.3 (r)your "lawn/weeds" can be up to 12-inches in height before you need to cut them.    

I just received a violation notice..…now what? 

You will be given 5-days to abate the violation.  Then an inspector will return to the property to insure compliance.  If the issue is not resolved within the given time-frame the city inspector may mow and clean-up the property at the expense of the owner or the owner can be prosecuted.

If I have a question about a violation or would like to register a complaint about a property…who do I call? 

Please contact the Development Services Department at (308) 630-6243 and someone will assist you.      

Sidewalk Maintenance   

According to City Code Section 20-3-10 (Repair; safe condition; property owner; duty) - it is the responsibility of every property owner to maintain the sidewalk in good and proper repair, and in a condition reasonably safe for travel for all travelers, and it is unlawful for an owner to allow a sidewalk to remain in a dangerous condition.

In Section 20-3-11 it states that the City shall notify a property owner if a sidewalk is found to be a hazard or in disrepair and if it is need of replacement.  The owner will be given a year to bring it into conformance. 

Sidewalk Snow Removal

City Code Section 20-6-20 (Snow, ice, mud; removal; nuisance) - It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any lot or the owner of any vacant lot within the City to suffer or permit snow, sleet, ice, mud, slush or other substance to accumulate or remain on the sidewalks contiguous to the lot, or to permit any hardened trodden snow, sleet, ice, mud, slush or other substance to remain upon such sidewalk. Such sidewalk shall be cleaned and cleared from such substances by noon (12:00 p.m.) the day following the end of any snowfall. Any snow, sleet, ice, mud, slush or other substance which remains on a sidewalk contrary to the provisions of this section is declared to be a public nuisance. (Ord. 2713, 1982; Ord. 4172, 2015)

Inoperable Vehicles  

City Code Section 12-1-3 (s)(4) - A property owner or occupant may have two (2) inoperable vehicles.  The vehicles need to be covered and located on the side or rear of a property.

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