Downloadable Permit Applications and Other Materials

On this page you should find permit(s) or paperwork required for your project, listed in alphabetical order.  Permit fee information can be found here.
The files on this page are in PDF PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Permit Applications:

-Amended Subdivision Plat Application

-Building Permit (Must be completed at City Hall)
   -A Building Permit Checklist should be completed before filling out the Building Permit.

-Building Moving Permit Application (Must be completed at City Hall)

-Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment Application

-Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Application

-Certificate of Occupancy Application (Must be completed at City Hall)

-Demolition Permit Application (Must be completed at City Hall)

-Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Application
   -A Homeowner Verification Form is also required if the homeowner is doing the electrical work instead of a contractor.

-Fence Permit Application

-Final Plat Application

-Fireworks Permit Application
   Applicants must complete Certificate of Occupancy application and provide proof of registration with the State Fire Marshall. 

-Floodplain Development Permit Application

-Preliminary Plat Application

-Right-of-Way/Obstruction and Excavation  Permit Application

-Roofing Permit Application

-Site Plan

-Sewer Service Connection Application

-Sign Permit Application

-Stormwater Permit Application (Must be completed at City Hall)

-Small Site Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

-Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

-Stormwater Construction Site Inspection Report

-Temporary Sign Permit Application

-Tree Planting/Removal Permit Application
-Special Use Permit Application

-Water Meter Size Change Application

-Water Service Connection Application

-Water Service Construction Connection Application

-Private Well Installation Application

-Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment (Rezone) Application

-Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Application

Typical Drawings:

-Curb and Sidewalk Detail


-Mud Trap Detail

-Patio Detail

-Detached Garage Detail

-Stairway Detail

-Wall Section Detail

-Water Service and Meter Pit Detail

Contractor Registrations:

-General Contractor

-Plumbing Contractor (Business)
   -Master,Journeyman,Limited (Individual)
   -Apprentice (Individual)

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