The Scottsbluff Fire department is in search of dedicated individuals to join our department as volunteers. If interested, please print and submit a volunteer application found here.

The following information explains the basics of our Volunteer Shift Program: 

-Must perform a minimum 48 hours of shift duty per month.  This can be accomplished in 12 or 24-hour blocks of time.  

-Members must complete assigned modules from the Target Solutions Training program each month.  It will be the responsibility of the member to complete these trainings during shift time or at home. 

-There will be joint training with Gering Fire on the first Tuesday of each month.  Members are encouraged to attend as many as possible. 

-Each member will have 12 months to complete a set of JPR’s (Firefighter skills).  A file will be kept for every active member.  It is each member’s responsibility that they complete all JPR’s by the end of the year.  This can be accomplished during each shift with the on-duty crew.   

-Each member will have 12 months to be signed off on all apparatus.  Members can complete truck checks while on duty or may come in off duty.  Members will be expected to demonstrate safe driving skills as well as a thorough knowledge of all equipment and how to operate each piece of apparatus.  There will be check off sheets that each member must complete.  

-Members will sign up for shifts one month prior.  A calendar will be placed in the dayroom where members can sign up for their shifts.  Shifts will be scheduled in 12 hour increments.  Day shifts will commence at 0700hrs and will end at 1900hrs.  Night shifts will commence at 1900 hours and end at 0700 hours.  Only two members can be signed up on the same shift.  Members can either sign up for 12 hour or 24 hour shifts.  

-At the beginning of each shift, the on duty shift commander will assign each member to a piece of apparatus.