Development Services

Permitting Process

A permit is required for most construction and land use projects that occur within The CIty of Scottsbluff's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.  If you have questions about your project, please contact Development Services before beginning work. 

New Building Construction Required Materials:
-Building Permit
-Site Plan
-2 sets of construction drawings including typicals
-Stormwater permit (if necessary).
-Water connection application
-Sewer Connection application
-Energy efficiency document
-Flood Plain Elevation Certificate (if necessary) 
-Fire Suppresion and Alarm Systems (if necessary) 
-Construction Dumpster Application
-Engineer Stamp of Approval (commercial only)
-Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical permit (issued to licensed contractor)

Other Building Construction Required Materials (Addition, Garage, Carport, Deck, Shed, Etc) :
-Site Plan
-Typical Drawings

Other Construction Types requiring permits:
-Permanent or Temporary Sign
-Private Well
-Construction, Excavation, or Obstruction of Public Right of Way
-Movement of existing building to new location
-Tree Planting/Tree Removal

Land Use projects requiring permits:
-Preliminary plat
-Amended Plat
-Final Plat
-Administrative Plat
-Planned Unit Development
-Special Permit

Printable permit applications and required materials as well as fee information are available on this website.   

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