Public Safety

Anonymous Sexual Assault Report

Our primary concerns are your well-being and the safety of our community.

The Sexual Assault Anonymous Reporting form allows you to report an incident of sexual assault anonymously.  Filing this form will not result in an investigation.  A number will be generated when you submit this form and you can use that number to reference your anonymous report if you decide you would like an investigation opened at a later date.

After you have completed the report, we encourage you to reach out to the DOVES Program to receive support.  You can remain anonymous if you aren't ready to reveal your name to anyone.  Call 866-95-DOVES or log onto their website at

We also encourage you to consider seeking medical help at a local hospital.  You can have a sexual assault kit done if you want, and ask to remain anonymous.  The medical professionals will provide you with a number that references the kit and you can use that number to request the police open an investigation at a future date.

We need to collect some information from you about the assault.  This information will include dates, times, locations, and details about the assault.  We understand that you may have a hard time remembering every detail of the incident because of the way trauma can distort memories.  Do your best to give us as much information as you can.


Date of Assault:   Time:

Location of Assault:
     (Please be as specific as you can) 


Name/Nickname:  Age:


Physical Description/Distinguishing Characteristics:
Include odors, scars, tattoos, facial hair. speech impediments, etc.

Suspect/Victim Relationship:                           Type of Coercion/Force:
 Partner/Lover                                                    Verbal
 Ex-Partner/Lover                                              Physical
 Spouse                                                                Threat of Death
 Colleague/Co-worker                                      Presence of a Weapon:  Yes No
 Acquaintance                                                      If Yes, what type:
 Met Same Day-Socially                                   Incapacitation by Drugs or Alcohol:  Yes  No
 Met Same Day-Non Socially                            If Yes, what type:
 Stranger                                                             Other Coercion/Force:

Were you physically injured?  Yes  No
If yes, please describe the extent and nature of your injuries in detail:

Nature of Assault:                                                   Place of Occurrence:
 Attempted                                                              Victim's Home
 Completed                                                             Suspect's Home
 Vaginal                                                                   Unknown Home
 Oral                                                                         Hike/Bike Trail
 Anal                                                                        Car/Vehicle
                                                                                     Parking Lot

Manner of initial contact:
Came to victim's door, attacked on street. etc.   

What did the suspect say before, during and after the assault?
Please be as specific as possible  

Do you plan to make a formal report to the police?  Yes  No  Not Sure
If not Yes, why have you chosen to make an anonymous report rather than make a formal report to the police?

Please give a narrative of the sexual assault:
Please provide as much information as possible


Thank you for making this anonymous report.  We understand that sexual assault is traumatizing and difficult to deal with and we want you to know we take every report seriously.  If you would like to come forward at a later time to request that an investigation be opened, please save the number you're provided with after you submit your report.

Again, we're sorry this has happened to you.  If you would like to speak to someone about what happened to you, please know the DOVES Program is available to listen and support you.  You can reach them at 866-95-DOVES or log onto their website at  We also encourage you to seek medical treatment if you've been injured as a result of a sexual assault.  A DOVES' advocate can accompany you to the hospital if you'd like.