Public Safety

Field Operation Divisions

The Operations Division consists of Patrol, K-9 Program, and Training.  These functions are the responsibility of Captain Robert (Tony) Straub  

fleet4Patrol Function:  The Scottsbluff Police Department formulates goals and objectives for the patrol function based on traffic, crime and public safety related trends.  The Department strives to reduce personal injury and property damage accidents through directed patrol and aggressive traffic enforcement.  The Patrol function also makes efforts to reduce the overall crime rate by increasing the efficiency in preventive patrol and reporting.  These objectives are also directed at reducing the effects of substance abuse by concentrated law enforcement efforts and increased public awareness.  The Patrol function is staffed with 20 Officers which includes 4 Patrol Sergeants.


K-9 Program:  

Levels of support: (receive the following for each level)
$25 Lil' Bow Wow - Certificate with Riki's paw print
$50 K9 Best Buddies - Certificate & Trading Card
$100 Agent Sniff - Certificate, Card & T-shirt
$500 Top Dog - Gold Plaque & Picture of Riki
$1,000 Alpha Dog - Platinum Plaque with Riki's picture & a visit*
*visiting times will be at the discretion of the Officer