Public Safety

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of Investigative Services, Records, Animal Control, School Resource Officer Program, Training in addition to Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), and Explosives Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.).  These functions are the responsibility of Captain Brian Wasson

crime_sceneInvestigative Services:  Officers serving with the Scottsbluff Police Department are responsible for the criminal investigative function.  Officers will perform preliminary, follow-up and special investigations as assigned and use all available resources to successfully conclude an investigation.  The Department maintains a full time Investigative Services Unit to provide support to the Patrol Function and Administration.  Investigative Services is comprised of 6 officers, which includes a Sergeant.  Two of these Officers are assigned to the WING Drug Task Force.  All Officers will fairly and impartially investigate all cases assigned and will be mindful not to unnecessarily endanger the reputation of any person under investigation.

Criminal_Justice_Day_at_WNCC_029Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.): The Scottsbluff Police Department has in place procedures that are required when a dangerous circumstance arises.  The SWAT team is comprised of members from the Scottsbluff Police Department, the Gering Police Department and the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff's Office.  The SWAT Team, also known as Scotts Bluff County SWAT responds to events that have been deemed potentially dangerous to include hostage situations, civil disorders, search and rescue operations, high risk warrant service.  Activation of the SWAT Team is made by the Chief of Police based on recommendations by command staff. 

Criminal_Justice_Day_at_WNCC_003_1Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.): The Scottsbluff Police Department maintains the only fully certified EOD Team in western Nebraska.  Sustainability of the EOD Team is made possible through funding acquisitions provided for by Homeland Security and the support of the City of Scottsbluff.  The team consists of four certified technicians, three of whom are Scottsbluff Police Officers and one from the Scottsbluff Fire Department.  The EOD Team provides support for communities based on a memorandum of understanding with the Nebraska State Patrol.   

SRO1 - CopySchool Resource Officer (S.R.O.): The Scottsbluff Police Department S.R.O. Program is a special assignment appointed by the Chief of Police that assigns two police patrol officers, to a lateral position working directly within the Scottsbluff Public School District. They can be contacted by phone 308-632-7176. The Scottsbluff Police Department is committed to the development and perpetuation of programs designed to prevent and control juvenile delinquency. The SRO works in conjunction with the school district with emphasis in crime prevention, ethical guidance and an explanation of the law enforcement role in society.

Animal Control Officer:
  The Scottsbluff Police Department has in place a full-time Animal Control Officer, Kyler Brunz, who is responsible for handling all animal control requests.  He can be contacted by phone 308.632.7176 or   When the Animal Control Officer is absent, sworn personnel will act as the Animal Control Officer.


Records:  The Records Division for the Scottsbluff Police Department consists of one Administrative Record Technician, and two Records Technicians.  They are responsible for filing, data entry, customer service and other duties as assigned by the Support Services Captain.