Public Safety

Emergency Management

Serving Scotts Bluff and Banner Counties, Region 22 coordinates effective disaster response and recovery efforts between local, state and federal partners.

In 1983, the office of Scotts Bluff County Emergency Management was formed under the Nebraska Emergency Management Act. The original interjurisdictional agreement included Scotts Bluff County and the cities of Gering and Scottsbluff.  In November, 2003, this interlocal agreement was updated to include Banner County.  On February 22, 2008 the office was reorganized as Region 22 Emergency Management.  Scotts Bluff County, Banner County, the City of Scottsbluff, the City of Gering and the City of Terrytown signed the new interlocal agreement.  The full time office provides emergency management services for all within the agreement and also includes the smaller cities, towns and villages within Scotts Bluff County and Banner County. On March 5, 2010 the Region 22 Emergency Management Agency moved to the Scottsbluff Public Safety Building at 1801 Ave B, Scottsbluff, NE. On July 1, 2020, Region 22 moved again to the basement of the Scotts Bluff County Administration Building at 1825 10th Street in Gering, NE.

Mitigation, Planning, Response and Recovery is the mission statement for Emergency Management. This office works closely with all agencies in the counties to create a coordinated effort of Emergency Management.