PHONE MENU: (308) 632-4136 -City Operator
UTILITY BILLING: (308) 630-6219 -Utility inquiries
SANITATION: (308) 630-0985 -Trash, yard waste and recycling
PARK RESERVATIONS: (308) 630-6235 -Park shelter reservations
CODE ENFORCEMENT: (308) 630-6248 -Report code compliance issues
BUILDING & ZONING: (308) 630-6243 -Building permits, zoning and inspections

Individual contact information below:
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Phone Menu Operator (308)-632-4136
Administration Lee Anaya Account Clerk (308)-630-6217
Administration Chris Burbach Deputy Finance Director (308)-630-6212
Administration Kimberley Wright City Clerk (308)-630-6221
Administration Vacant Finance Director
Administration Cami Kite Human Resources Director (308)-630-6211
Administration Lane Miller Administrative Services Assistant (308)-630-6219
Administration Shala Colson Administrative Services Assistant (308)-630-6220
Development Services Gary Batt Code Adminstrator II (308)-630-6246
Development Services Taylor Stephens GIS Analyst (308)-632-2177
Fire Thomas Schingle Fire Chief (308)-630-6229
Fire Chris Perales Fire Prevention Officer (308)-630-6227
Library Richard Landreth Library Director (308)-630-6251
Parks & Recreation Rick Deeds Park Supervisor (308)-632-0058
Parks & Recreation Vince Kelley Cemetery Supervisor (308)-630-6237
Police (non-emergency) Kevin Spencer City Manager/Chief of Police (308)-630-6261
Police (non-emergency) Lance Kite Police Captain (308)-630-6261
Police (non-emergency) Brian Wasson Police Captain (308)-630-6261
Public Works Brett Bewley Transportation Supervisor (308)-630-6297
Public Works Mark Bohl Public Works Director (308)-630-6256
Public Works Lynn Garton Wasterwater Supervisor (308)-630-6292
Public Works Anthony Harris Environmental Services Supervisor (308)-630-0879
Public Works Terri Rose Transportation Assistant (308)-630-6297
Development Services Leann Sato Stormwater Program Specialist (308)-630-8011
Public Works Jack Satur Water Supervisor (308)-630-6257
Public Works Vicky Thomason Utilities Administrative Coordinator (308)-630-6258
Development Services Zachary Glaubius Development Services Director (308)-630-6244
Economic Development Sharaya Toof Economic Development Director (308)-632-0052
Development Services Logan Lund Code Administrator I (308)-630-6243
Public Works Janie Garza Sanitation Assistant (308)-630-0985