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Boards & Commissions

City Hall
2525 Circle Drive
Scottsbluff, NE 69361
F: (308) 630-6294
Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Boards & Commissions
Board of Adjustment
 Board Member   Term Expiration
Sabrina Esparza   9/30/2025
Vacant   9/30/2025
Henry Huber   9/30/2026
Troy Herman -Vice-Chairperson   9/30/2024
Michael Mawhinney   9/30/2024
Raul Aguallo - Chairperson   9/30/2024
Business Improvement District Board

The Business Improvement District Advisory Board is made up of downtown business and/or property owners. The following is a list of the current members and the business they represent:

 Board Member Position Business Term Expiration
Rick Wayman Chairperson 1818 Broadway Suites 9/30/2024
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Michele Denton Member West Nebr. Arts Center  9/30/2025
Tami Reichert Member Reichert's Fine Jewelry 9/30/2025
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Rebecca Shields Member Compliments 9/30/2024
Monica Chandler Member   9/30/2024
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant

For more information on BID meetings, contact Zachary Glaubius at (308) 630-6244 or email here.
Community Redevelopment Authority
 Board Member   Term Expiration
Bill Trumbull  (Chair)   3/1/2026
Mary Skiles   3/1/2025
Katie Camacho   3/1/2023
William Knapper   3/1/2024
Library Board
 Board Member Term No. Term Expiration
Jessica Dutton 1st September 30, 2025
Beth Merrigan 3rd September 30, 2027
Anne Radford 2nd September 30, 2026
Vitoria Quezada 1st September 30, 2025
Justin McMillen  1st September 30, 2024
Parks, Cemetery, and Tree Board
 Board Member   Term Expiration
Dan Marshall (Chair)   9/30/2027
Megan Hayward (Vice-Chair)   9/30/2028
Larry Cooper (Sec-Treas)   9/30/2026
Carolyn Escamilla    9/30/2026
Kasandra Lauder   9/30/2024
Eugene Batt    9/30/2026
Ashlee Wilson    9/30/2026 
Planning Commission
Planning Commission Information

 Board Member   Term Expiration
Dana Weber     9/30/2024
Becky Estrada (Chairperson)   9/30/2023
Angie Aguallo   9/30/2025
David Gompert   9/30/2023
Henry Huber   9/30/2023
Callan Wayman (Vice-Chairperson)   9/30/2025
Kendall Palu   9/30/2025
Jerry Stricker   9/30/2025
Jim Zitterkopf   9/30/2025
Linda Redfern (Alternate)   9/30/2025
Fair Housing Commission
  • Duties assumed by Planning Commission 
Civil Service Commission
Thomas Perkins (Chair)  9/30/27
Jackie Neu 9/30/29
Michael Schaff  9/30/25
Plumbers Examining Board
Jack Satur Ex-Officer 
Gary Batt  Ex-Officer 
Larry McCaslin  9/30/2025
Mark Sitzman 9/30/2024
Roger Rojas  9/30/2023 
Robert McCormick  9/30/2025
LB 840 Application Review
Nate Merrigan (Chair) 
David Schaff
Dennis Hadden 
Hod Kosman
Jim Trumbull 
Lee Glenn 
Marla Marx 
Selina Lerma 
LB 840 Citizen Review
Mark Harris (Chair) 
Diane Vadenberge
Marci Meyer 
Sam Mark 
Scott Phillips 
Liquor License Holders Investigatory Board
Russ Knight (Chair)  1/31/2024
Andrea Margheim (Vice-Chair)  1/31/2024
Kelli Larson  1/31/2027
Matt Huck  1/31/2027
Emily Norman 1/31/2027
Libby Stobel  1/31/2027
Kevin Spencer  1/31/2027
Kim Wright  1/31/2027
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