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Floodplain Information Center

Know Your Flood Hazard
Scottsbluff's City Viewer Map  map displays floodway, floodplain, and FEMA flood zones. 
To access:
  • Agree to the terms and click OK on the disclaimer page
  • Click the Layers icon in either the lower center or upper left corner
  • Select the eye beside Flood Zones to reveal the floodway, floodplain and FEMA zones.
    • Specific layers can be selected by clicking the dropdown arrow to the left of the eye.
    • It may be helpful to turn off the City Boundaries layer or Official City Zoning within the City Boundaries drop-down menu.
The United States Geological Survey Flood Inundation Map map displays both real-time stream level data and models flood inundation levels.  To view inundation levels:
  • Click close at bottom of Welcome box
  • Click on the stream gage located in Scottsbluff 
  • On the left color depth gage, slide the gray/black bar up and down to see where floodwaters inundate the City.
Insure Your Property
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Protect Property From Flooding
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