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Dog Parks

Riverside Dog Park

Located at 1514 South Beltline Highway West this dog park runs parallel to the North Platte River and is in close proximity to the Monument Valley Pathway.  With a large 6ft- tall, double gated fenced area the dog park is split into two sections with a mixed surface of gravel and sand for your dogs to run and play.  Both sections have shelters, picnic tables and hydrants for rehydrating your pets.  Please note that water is only available during the warmer months.

Terry Carpenter Dog Park

Located just north of the Scottsbluff High School softball fields and directly next to the Monument Valley Pathway.  A nice big, open fenced area with irrigated turf grass and wild grass this dog park is a great location for dogs to run and play.  A shelter and picnic table are located just outside of the 4ft gated opening.  Being a new dog park, benches will be installed the fenced area in the spring.  A doggie bag station has is available for easy pet clean up to keep the area clean for other community members and visitors to use.
Dog Park 3