Code Compliance

Listed below are a few reminders of city ordinances to keep our community safe and looking great!

Guidelines for your yard:

  • Grass/weeds maximum height of twelve (12) inches or less.
  • Trees trimmed to at least twelve (12) feet above the street and alley and eight (8) feet above sidewalk.
  • All weeds deemed noxious, [Bindweed, Puncture Vine, Sandbur Plants, Thistle, etc.] shall be removed and properly disposed of.

Litter, trash and rubbish:

  • Litter shall include but not limited to wood, sheet rock, plaster, brick or stone building rubble; Lawn trimmings, dead leaves, tree and shrubbery trimmings [unless these are being composted].

Nuisances; Junk, litter, rubbish, any condition which promotes harborage for rats, mice, snakes and other vermin.

  • Junk/litter/rubbish shall be properly abated and removed from the property within the allotted time frame given.

Junk includes scrap metal, parts of machinery, appliances or vehicles, any machine or vehicle which is not in operating condition or has lost its identity, character utility or serviceability as such through deterioration, dismantling or the ravages of time, or which has been cast off, discarded or thrown away or left as waste or wreckage.

  • Unlicensed or inoperable motor vehicles: You may keep no more than two (2) parked on a property for repair or restoration only if the motor vehicles are moved to the back of the property and covered with an automobile cover.

Trailers Parking on a public street/alleys.

  • Trailers, utility trailers, recreations vehicles, campers, travel trailers, boats, personal watercraft, trailered barbeques and all other items intended for attachment to a vehicle; shall not be parked on a public street unless these trailers are properly attached to a properly licensed and insured motor vehicle.
  • Trailers used by contractors with the insurance of a permit are allowed to park on a public street at a location as long as it does not interfere with required driveway and vision requirements.
  • Permits for contractors may be found at City Hall from Development Services.

Please contact our Code Compliance Officer at (308) 630-6248 or compliance@scottsbluff.org with any questions or concerns