What is Stormwater?

Defining Stormwater

What is Stormwater?
It's a pretty common belief that the water in our storm drains is filtered or treated before it is returned to our rivers and lakes. The truth is, it's not. When we dump harsh chemicals on our lawns, allow pollutants to contaminate run-off, and dispose of toxic substances by improperly dumping them, harmful pollutants enter our waterways through our storm drains, killing fish, destroying wildlife habitats, decreasing asthetic value and contaminating the water we boat in, swim in and drink. It's a risk to our environment...and a risk to our health.
Backed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Nebraska Stormwater Cooperative is working to raise awareness about Non-Point Source Pollution and offer alternatives to pollution through the Nebraska H2O program. Almost half of U.S. water bodies fail to meet water quality standards. It's our goal to change this - to protect our waters and improve the health of our citizens and wildlife.

 aveboutStormwater outfall as it enters the river.
 sampleSample of water as it reaches the river.