Fairview Cemetery Memorial Day Hours & Regulations

For immediate release                                               Contact: Vince Kelley, Cemetery Supervisor
Tel.:  (308) 630-6237
Fairview Cemetery Memorial Day Office Hours and flower regulations
The City of Scottsbluff Parks and Recreation Department would like to announce that the Cemetery office will be closed during the Memorial Day week end, and Memorial Day. 
Fairview Cemetery is located at 4109 5th Ave., Scottsbluff.  The cemetery is open for visitors from sunrise until sunset. The City will allow flowers and adornments to be placed on the graves 10 day prior to, and 10 days following Memorial Day. Deadline for removing decoration is end of the day Thursday, June 10, 2021.  A reminder that all permanent flower arrangement or adornments must be part of the monument in an approved vase.  Cemetery staff, following the June 10, 2021 deadline will remove all decoration not in compliance with cemetery rules.  For a list of cemetery rules, or to view the cemetery directory please go to the city’s web site at www.scottsbluff.org, under cemetery in the department tab or stop by the cemetery office.
The rules covering the decoration of graves have been developed to insure safety of the public and cemetery employees.  Flowers and other forms of decoration will only be allowed in an approved vase attached to a headstone.  An approved vase is one constructed and installed by a licensed and bonded monument company.  ALL vases must be approved in writing by the cemetery supervisor before installation.  Cemetery staff will remove any vases not approved.  Placement of decorations on the ground will not be allowed March 15, through October 31.  Memorial Day decorations and potted plants are permitted on gravesites 10 day before and after Memorial Day.  Examples of things not allowed include, but not limited to: shepherds hooks, metal or wooden rods, solar lights, toys, glass or ceramic statues or flowerpots.  All of these things can become projectiles and cause harm to people and objects in surrounding area. Planting of live flowers and placement of borders of any kind on the ground next to a headstone is not allowed.  Floral arrangements accompanying casket or urn to the cemetery will be placed on the completed grave.  They will be removed when they become unsightly or wilted.
Artificial flowers are allowed in approved vases year around and may be place on the grave November 1 through March 15, any time before or after these dates they will be removed by cemetery staff.