How to Host a Fundraising Event at the Ice Rink:
Contact the City of Scottsbluff to schedule a date and time to host a fundraising event at the rink (308) 630-6235

Black Hills Energy Ice Rink Sign

Provided by City:
Ice Rink facility including synthetic ice rink, rental shed (with electricity and heater) and rental skates

Rental Skates:
A limited amount of sizes are provided to be used as rentals to the public
All skates must be returned to the rental shed by the end of the event
All skates must be stocked on the shelves in order when returned
Price of renting skates is $5.00 per pair (to keep price consistent)

Rental Shed:
Electric outlets that can be used by the fundraising group
Wall-mounted heater that can be used by the fundraising group
Shed will be unlocked by a City employee before the event to allow access
Before leaving: turn off lights & heater, unplug everything from outlets and lock door & window

Skating is FREE to the public during operating hours with their own skates
Rental skates can be used when purchased from the rental shed when hosted by a fundraising group

Food & Beverages:
May be provided by and sold by the fundraising group as a part of the fundraiser event
All supplies (napkins, cups, etc..), food & beverages must be supplied/provided by fundraising group
No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed or sold

Funds & Start-up Cash:
All funds raised at the event go to the fundraising group that hosted the event
Start-up cash for the beginning of the event is highly recommended (Plenty of of $1's, $5's and $20's)

Operating Hours & Events:
Regular operating hours for the Ice Rink are 6:00 am to 8:00 pm everyday (November to March)
Fundraising events can be held at the rink anytime if scheduled and approved with the City

Hosted fundraising events may be advertised on the City Facebook page and/or website
Any other advertisment is the responsibiltiy of the fundraising group

Questions from the Public:
If the public asks questions or needs more information about the rink, rentals or fundraising:
1) answer them if you are sure of the accurate answer
2) suggest that they contact the City of Scottsbluff for answers or more information

At the end of the event:
Clean-up the area after the event, shut off shed lights & heater, unplug outlets and lock door & window

(308) 630-6235
Facebook: City of Scottsbluff, Nebraska- Government

-November 23, 2019- 11:00 am to 3:00 pm - Hosted by the Criminal Justice Club
-November 30, 2019- 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Hosted by Morrill Shop with a Cop 
-December 1, 2019- 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm -Hosted by Options in Pregnancy Center of Western Nebraska

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