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City Hall
2525 Circle Drive
Scottsbluff, NE 69361

P: (308) 632-4136
F: (308) 630-6294

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
How do I start or stop service?
In order to start or stop utility service you must come to City Hall at 2525 Circle Drive to fill out the necessary paperwork. We require a signature on file.
My yard waste container was broken or stolen?
The yard waste container is your personal property. If something happens to it, such as it is broken or stolen, it is your responsibility to purchase a new one. If the yard waste container is stolen, you can file a report with the police department. We suggest you mark the yard waste container with your name or address to identify it belongs to you.

For any other questions contact us at 308-632-4136
Is a deposit required?
There is a required $100 deposit. However, that deposit may be waived if you’re buying the property you’re moving in to or can show at least 12 months of good payment history with us or some other utility company. Utility company refers only to water, gas, and electric.
When will I get my deposit back?
The deposit stays on your account until you move. Once your account is closed, the deposit is then used to pay the final bill. If there is any money left, a check will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide.
When will I get my bill?
Due to billing bi-monthly, if you live on the West side of town you will be billed in the odd months and East side of town customers are billed in the even months.  Broadway is the street used to determine West or East. Your bill date usually isn’t the same day but is always around the same time of the month.
Why is my bill always the same?
We have a minimum bill that is based on 10,000 gallons. If your water usage always stays below that amount, your bill will always be the minimum amount.
How do you determine the sewer rate?
The sewer rate is determined by the water consumption in the winter months. West side of town sewer rate is based on the consumption that is used during the months of November & December; you will not see any potential change on your bill until May. If you live on the East side of town your sewer rate is based on water consumption during the months of December & January; you will not see the change on your bill until June.
Why is my sewer rate so high?
If you had a high consumption during the time that we determine your sewer rate you will see the increase on your May (West side) bill or your June (East side) bill. If you had a leak and can show us that the leak has been fixed, we can look at adjusting your sewer rate.
Can I make arrangements on my bill?
We no longer make arrangements. All bills are due by the original due date on the bill.
Can I pay my bill online?
When does my garbage & yard waste get picked up?                     
When does the yard waste pickup run?
Yard waste program begins the first complete week in April and ends the week before Thanksgiving. Yard waste is picked up on the same day as your garbage. There is no extra charge for this service. Please refer to the utility rates page for current cost information.
My trash was not picked up. What can I do?
We can prepare a work order to let the environmental services department know that your trash was missed. We can also prepare a work order if you need an extra pickup. They usually can get that emptied on the following day, however that can’t be guaranteed. Your best option is to call them directly at 308-630-0985.
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